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‘ I’m sick of feeling tired, stressed to the max & feeling unwell all the time ’

‘ I’m stuck in a rut & want some spice in my life ’

‘ Everything’s ALWAYS going wrong - I just want to be happy ’

Does this sound like you? …. If it does – then I’m your man (well lady actually) , the light at the end of the tunnel if you will.

Especially If

You’ve been toying with the idea of coaching but you certainly don’t NEED therapy!!!!

Get everything off your chest, learn some great skills & come up with a workable plan of action for everything (yes EVERYTHING!) I‘ll support you through those tough times & motivate you during the good ones, teaching you some simple techniques to reduce stress & anxiety plus increase your happiness along the way.

Our sessions are purposefully designed to be warm, friendly & welcoming, a chat with a friend over tea & cake (great if you like tea & cake, if you’re dieting - not so much!)

So if you’d love the benefits of coaching but hate the idea of therapy (!!!)

Pop on over to my ‘About Me’ page.

See you in a mo,


Your "bounce back buddy"

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